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 Hello and welcome to our site we hope that you find every thing you need on the site.
updates: we are working on the site as in getting the npc ID's and stuff like that look for the updates ^_^

wanna help?

I'm looking for great source buliders and coders that can help make tuts and also help people on the forums?
if you can help send my a E-mail at and title it wanna help?.



Donating will help us with improving the site like getting more space for tutorials and  other stuff.

If you donate: you will be a admin on our RSPS,get a Donater title on forms and get your name on the site under hall of fame.

how to Donate: just click on the button under hear and once we see your E-mail ( make sure you sing up on forums so we know who you are) we will do all that stuff we said on if you Donate.