Tutorial: how to make a runescape private server.

All you have to do is follow the steps.
things needed.

name:                        download link:
winrar                         click to go to download page.

step 1

you have to download java JDK when you go to the site it might have a newer one then update 18 make sure you download the most recent update.
link: JDK download

Step 2

NO-IP: this is what your server name is made you will have to download a tool called no-ip ( yes it's 100% safe...) just follow the video below on how to use.

step 3

port forwarding: this is a really hard part the most hardest part of this your going to need a router to host a server and your going to have to know the password to it aswell.

ok you have to go to find your router type.

once you found your router on the post list go to the bottom of the 2 row going down and find runescape private server.
once you click on that you will get a page telling you what to do on your router once you are done you can download the portchecker from and see if it is open if it is you have port forwarded your router and now can host.

step 4

source and client:

you need a source and client to play your game once you did all the steps and you are portforwarded you can go to moparscape forums and download a source and a  client ( note: this is only for a 317 source )

once you found a 317 source and client ( don't need the client with it you can always use go to in source!
then look for server ( if you don't have one you might need to get a different source)
once in there look for something like if (/* connectingHost.startsWith("localhost") || connectingHost.equals("your ip address")*/true) {

make sure where it says your ip address type the name you made on no-ip like if i was doing it i would put ( just test name) ok once you do that save and go to your compiler and compile (  if you need a compiler that works go to our download list. some times compilers don't work that come with it.) also make sure your compiler is up to date.
up to date tutorial: when you download java JDK  like right now i hav JDK 6 update 18 or something like that.
right click on compiler go to edit and where is says java make sure it says your update ( to find your java update go to program files and look for java and when you  open that one of the folders says what update you have as the name of the folder.)
java type
java compiler
once you did all the stuff above watch this vid about  CLASSPATH and PATH you have to do this to your computer or your server will not work.

step 5

Now after you have done everything go to run server.
after is says it is up and running open a client and you can play.
also go to go to stats checker and type your ip and if it says online you are online for others to play.
add your ip to their stats page and now others can find your ip and play it.

ALL done or are you?

if something did not work send use a E-mail telling us what is wrong or what you don't understand title it how to make a RSPS??

- RSPS helpers